peer support for those affected by depression & bipolar disorder

Tues, Nov 8th 2022


topic         Making the 911 Call


speaker    Carole Caron, R.N. & Peer Support Provider


                 Carole will discuss the reasons for the creation

                 of the "Person in Crisis Information Package"

                 and how best to work with the people that are

                 there to assist.


pls join us

7:00-9:00 pm   doors open 6:45   




Evangel Pentecostal Church

1450 Rebecca St. Oakville

across from Hopedale Mall

parking & entrance on east side



                                            FREE admission



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previous speakers & topics

Apr 2020

Meeting cancelled

Mar 10th 2020

topic        Breaking the Mental Health Cycle
               in the Criminal Justice System

speaker  Joann Carrothers - family support facilitator

               The Bridge prison to community

Feb 2020

topic         Meeting Stress with Skill and Wisdom: 

                 An Introduction to Mindfulness

speaker    Dr. Susan Williams, Psychologist and Director

                 THE HALTON CENTRE
                 for Cognitive Therapy & Stress Reduction

Jan 2020

topic       caregiving - part 2

             Caring for the Individual - Caregiver Responsibilities

speaker   Michele Sparling

                   Mental Health Advocate & speaker, Founder of Just Be You 


Dec 2019

topic         caregiving part 1

                 Caring for You - Self-care for Caregivers

speakers   Susan & John, equilibrium core group mambers


Nov 2019

topic        When 'Don’t Worry, Be Happy' Doesn’t Cut It

                  Signs, Symptoms, & Impacts of Anxiety

speaker   Melanie McGregor, Specialist, Health Promotion & Advancement                         Canadian Mental Health Association Halton Region Branch


Oct 2019

topic         Oakville Community Mental Health Police Services

speaker    Halton Regional Police


Sept 2019

topic        Recognizing Bipolar Disorder - its ups & its downs

                from a psychiatrist's point of view

speaker    Dr Karl O'Sullivan, Psychiatrist


July & August 2019     no meeting


June 2019

topic         CBT- Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

                 challenging unhelpful thinking patterns

speakers   Melanie Walker, Intake Co-ordinator, Out-patient Mental Health

                  Community Mental Health, Joseph Brant Hospital

                  Patti Moorcroft-Tasker, peer support

May 2019

topic          mood disorders and seniors

speaker     Dr Syeeda Salim - MBBS, MRCPsych (part1) UK ,FRPC

                  Geriatric Psychiatry, Adult Outpatient Services

                  Oakville Trafalgar Memorial Hospital

Apr 2019

speaker    Lindsay Wagner, RMT

topic         Breath & Exercise 
access your Rest & Digest (Parasympathetic) Nervous System

Mar 2019

topic             guardianship, power of attorney & finances

                     for vulnerable individuals

speaker        Hilary Callin - Treatment Decisions Consultant

                     Office of the Public Guardian and Trustee

                     Ministry of the Attorney General


Feb 2019

meeting cancelled due to weather


Jan 2019

topic             depression: the secret we share

speaker        Andrew Soloman - writer, lecturer

                     video presentation

Dec 2018

topic        peer group mentoring

                 its evolution & impact

speaker   Chelsea Robertson, SSW Scholar

                 Peer Mentor, One-Link


Nov 2018

topic         anxiety

speaker    Linda Horsky - CMHA  Case Manager


Oct 2018

topic          Cannabis Legalization: Answering Your Burning Questions 

speaker     Erin Horlings, Addiction Clinician & Concurrent Disorders specialist                    with ADAPT & the Phoenix Early Intervention Psychosis Program


Sept 2018

speaker   Dr Karl O’Sullivan, Psychiatrist

topic        Is depression really an illness, or is it an adverse experience,
                part of the human condition?

The talk will cover such issues as:

  • rising rates of depression in a prosperous society
  • depression as a major cause of disability
  • Is depression over-diagnosed?
  • how do you define depression?
  • emerging issues in the treatment of depression

July & August           no meeting

June 2018

topic          the value of peer mentoring and how it works

speaker     Dave Kilgannon, Peer Mentor

                  CMHA, Canadian Mental Health Association

May 2018

topic       what gives you hope

               one man's story of recovery

speaker  John - equilibrium member


Apr. 2018

topic         depression & anxiety

                 changing your thoughts increases chances of recovery

speaker   Dr. David Burns, MD, author "Feeling Good"

                 video presentation

Mar 2018

topic       understanding anxiety & practical self care techniques

speaker  Sandy Amodio, Counsellor

               Bachelor of Social Work, Bachelor of Education,

               Master's Degree in Theological Studies in Counselling

Feb 2018

topic         remember when . . .

                 personal stories of recovery


Jan 2018

topic       marijuana & mental health     

speaker  Erin Horlings

                 Addiction Clinician & Concurrent Disorders specialist with ADAPT &

                 the Phoenix Early Intervention Psychosis Program

Dec 2017

topic         mental health day program

                 Oakville Trafalgar Memorial Hospital (OTMH)

speaker    Angela Everest - BA, BHSC, OT Reg.(Ont)

                  Occupational Therapist/Case Manager

Nov 2017

topic       healthy sleep

speaker  Jessica Palmer, MA, C.Psych. 

               Halton Centre for Cognitive Therapy and Stress Reduction


Oct 2017

topic        concurrent disorders & overdose prevention

spealer    Angus Coll-Smith- CCDP Case Manager

                CMHA - Canadian Mental Association

Sept 2017

topic         depression


speaker    Dr. Karl O'Sullivan

July & August 2017

no meeting

June 2017

topic       reaching recovery

speaker  panel discussion


May 2017

topic      IMAGINE  . . . there was no stigma to mental illness

video presentation

Apr 2017

topic        living with bipolar disorder

speaker   Laura Bain, TED talks video presentation

Mar 2017

meeting cancelled due to weather conditions

Feb 2017

topic          Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP)

                  eligibility and application requirements

speakers     Jamie Greenlees - ODSP administrator

                    Jaycee Kameka -  ODSP administrator

Jan 2017

topic        CBT - setting boundaries

speaker    Tammy Lawless, MSW, RSW

                  Halton Healthcare Services

                  Adult Outpatient Psychiatric Services - Mental Health Day Program

Dec 2016

topic        depression - the secret we share

                 video presentation

Nov 2016

topic      caregiving for someone with a mood disorder


October 2016

topic       connecting you to addictions and mental health services,


speaker  Zoe Gordon, Msc QPIS

               Manager, one-Link

Sept 2016

25th anniversary celebration


speaker    Dr Karl O'Sullivan, Psychiatrist

topic         Mood Disorders - looking back & looking forward

                a synopsis of treatment advances & a vision for best treatment                           practices 

reception to follow

July & August 2016    no meeting

Jun 2016

topic        CMHA free case management services & new programs

speaker   Denis Oliver -

                Community & Corporate Mental Health & Addictions Educator


May 2016

topic       Oakville Distress Centre new support servcives

speaker  Craig Redick - Executive Director, Oakville Distress Centre


Apr 2016

topic        Evidence Informed Treatment for Concurrent Depression &                         Substance Issues


                Dr. Alison Arnot, Addictions & Concurrent Disorders Centre
                Trillium Health Partners 

                Catherine Huddleston, Psychological Associate, DaVinci program,
                 Trillium Health Partners

Mar 2016

topic          cognitive behavioural therapy (cbt) - part 2

                      bad thinking habits con't + understanding core beliefs


speaker     Tammy Lawless, MSW, RSW

                  Halton Healthcare Services

                  Adult Outpatient Psychiatric Services - Mental Health Day Program

Feb 2016

topic          cognitive behavioural therapy (cbt) - part 1

                  understanding the model & bad thinking habits

speaker     Tammy Lawless, MSW, RSW

                  Halton Healthcare Services

                  Adult Outpatient Psychiatric Services - Mental Health Day Program

Jan 2016

topic          a new year  . . . a new hospital

                  description of the OTMH new mental health facility & services 

speaker     Monica Bettazzoni - Director Programs, Mental Health

                  Halton Healthcare Services

July & August 2015    no meeting

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