peer support for those affected by mental health conditions and 

their friends and families

Equilibrium’s focus, wellness through education and sharing, is accomplished through monthly meetings with guest speakers or informational videos.

Guest speakers include individuals who live with a mood disorder, psychiatrists, psychiatric nurses, social workers and specialists in nutrition and relaxation.

Informational videos are presentations by medical specialists or professional documentaries of topical interest.


sharing meetings
Speaker presentations are followed by sharing meetings. Attendees split into 3 groups — those affected by depression; those affected by bipolar disorder; and family members or friends. Everyone at Equilibrium has a story. By sharing experiences, we help each other to understand the illness and to have the courage to keep fighting for improved health.

Equilibrium provides a safe environment to talk to someone who’s been there.


family & friends

We understand the emotional upheaval a mood disorder can cause.

It‘s family and friends who are relied upon to support those affected. Frequently, they do not understand the illness themselves. 

A first step to help relieve tensions at home and to provide a caring environment for recovery, is understanding the illness.

We encourage attendance with your loved one, or alone if they are unable to attend.