upcoming meetings

Mar 2020

meetings cancelled until further notice


Feb 2020

topic                another evening of Yoga with Sheri

speaker           Sheri Bain, teacher, Halton Board & Lead - Light Yoga


Jan 2020

topic            Drum Circle (revisited)

                    join us as we experience the healing power of the drum

speaker       Bonnie Ross - Drum Circle Facilitator/Musician


Dec 2019      no meeting


Nov 2019

topic           how to survive the holidays

                   video & discussion

speakers   core team members


Oct 2019

topic       Explore What's New at Halton Families for Families

               engaging, connecting & supporting families impacted by a

               child's/youth's mental health

speaker   Darlene Wierski-Devoe
                Program Supervisor, Halton Families for Families


Sept 2019

topic         Breaking Down Barriers to Healthy Eating

                 Simple Strategies to Find the Balance

speaker    Tammy Burgess, MSc, RD

                  Registered Dietitian  - Halton Hills Family Health Team


July & August       no meeting


June 2019

topic       the lighter side of life - the therapeutic benefits of laughter &                   the Laughing Like Crazy program

speaker  Ross Knechtel - president, Mood Disorders Support Group, Guelph &                   Laughing Like Crazy graduate

May 2019

topic        self-care - what does it mean?

speaker - Mary Anne Oribhabor - RN, BScN, CPMHN(C), MHS, 

                Corporate Clinical Nurse Educator 

                Mental Health & Addictions, William Osler Health System

Apr 2019

topic          the power of peer support

speaker     Bryony Kavanagh - Program Coordinator with T.E.A.C.H


Mar 2019

topic           blending yogic breathing and mindful meditation

speakers    Sheri Bain - teacher with the HDSB, and lead - light yoga

                   Chantal Garneau - reiki master and meditation teacher

Feb 2019

topic       Explore what's new at Halton Families for Families 

                engaging, connecting and supporting families impacted by a                                  child/youth's mental health.

speaker   Darlene Wierski-Devoe,

                Program Supervisor, Halton Families for Families

Jan 2019 

8th anniversary meeting


topic            Bio-Psychosocial Model of Recovery

speaker       Kim Wenger, Occupational Therapist

                    Mental Health Clinician, North Halton Mental Health


Dec 2018    no meeting


Nov 2018

topic:           ups & downs & sometimes a little sideways

                    supporting a partner with mental illness       

speakers    Julie & Dave share their lived experiences


Oct 2018

speaker   Bryony Kavanagh - Program Coordinator with T.E.A.C.H. 

                (Teach, Empower, Advocate for Community Health)

topic        T.E.A.C.H. - an update on support programs and courses


Sept 2018

speaker      Chantal Garneau - Reiki Master & MeditationTeacher                                             (www.chantalgarneau.com)

topic            Forest Meditation

                    learn some nature inspired meditation practices, connect yourself                          and the natural world, while walking through

                    Willow Park Ecology Centre in Norval (pls wear comfy shoes)


July & August             no meeting

June 2018

topic       annual evening of Yoga with Sheri

speaker  Sheri Bain, teacher - Halton School Board & Lead - Light Yoga


Join us for a group walk to Willow Park Ecology Centre, just steps from our meeting place. Experience the calming mix of yoga and nature with Sheri.


May 2018

topic         depression & anxiety

                 changing your thoughts increases chances of recovery

speaker   Dr. David Burns, MD, author "Feeling Good"

                 video presentation


Apr 2018

topic       Along the Path from Burnout to Resilience   

speaker  Eran Talitman, Ph.D, C.Psych.



Mar 2018

topic       marijuana & mental health

speaker  Erin Horlings

               Addiction Clinician & Concurrent Disorders specialist with ADAPT &                     the Phoenix Early Intervention Psychosis Program

Feb 2018

topic        drum circle

                raise your vibration through the healing power of the drum

speaker   Bonnie Ross - Drum Circle Facilitator/Musician,

                former Child & Youth Counselor, Halton School Board


Jan 2018

celebrating our 7th anniversary


topic       slow things down - a mindful approach to understanding anxiety and                   practical self care techniques.

speaker   Denis Olivier

                Community & Corporate Mental Health & Addictions Educator

                CMHA - Canadian Mental Association

Dec 2017

no meeting


Nov 2017

topic       aromas & the brain

speaker  Susan Stadnik

               educator with 16yrs experience, focused on those with                                           exceptionalities, including the autism spectrum

Oct 2017

topic             an evening of Yoga

speaker        Sheri Bain, teacher - Halton School Board and Lead - Light Yoga


Sept 2017

topic          my personal journey through depression using ECT, medication                    & other alternative methods

speaker      Kathryn - equilibrium core team member


June, July & August 2017

no meeting

May 2017

speaker    Dr Karl O'Sullivan, Psychiatrist

topic         Mood Disorders - looking back & looking forward

                 a synopsis of treatment advances & a vision for best treatment                              practices 

Apr 2017

topic      the importance of good nutrition in maintaining mental wellness

speaker Amanda Li, Registered Dietitian

              Founder, Wellness Simplified, Prof. George Brown College


Mar 2017

topic         depression - the secret we share

speaker    Andrew Solomon - TED talks video presentation


Feb 2017

topic       annual evening of Yoga with Sheri

speaker  Sheri Bain, teacher - Halton School Board & Lead - Light Yoga


Jan 2017

topic -  “Peer Support - Here we grow again;

            The changing local, regional & provincial landscape & where we fit in.”


speaker - Betty-Lou Kristy - Peer Support Substance Use Systems Lead &                         Consumer Survivor (CSI) Lead, Mississauga Halton LHIN Enhancing                 & Sustaining Peer Initiative - TEACH

Dec              no meeting

Nov 2016

topic         therapeutic value of art therapy

speaker   Jodie Godfrey - CMHA Halton

                Case Manager, Community Support Programs &

                Certified Art Therapist

Oct 2016

topic       CMHA free case management services & new programs

speaker  Denis Oliver,

               Community & Corporate Mental Health & Addictions Educator


Sept 2016

topic         recovery - one woman's story of help, hope & haiku

speaker   Julie - member equilibrium-georgetown


July & August  2016    no meeting

June 2016

topic       annual evening of Yoga with Sheri

speaker  Sheri Bain, teacher - Halton School Board & Lead - Light Yoga

May 2016

topic        spark of brilliance

                how the arts can promote recovery and discovery

speaker   Marcey Gray, Program Coordinator for Spark of Brilliance

                with Self Help Alliance & CMHA Waterloo Wellington Dufferin

Apr 2016

topic        healthy eating on a budget

                good nutrition is so important to maintaining mental health;
                find out how to stretch your dollars to provide the nutrition you need


speaker   Jennifer Viscek, Wellbeing Counsellor, Sobeys


Mar 2016

topic     Drum Circle

             coping with your mood disorder by beating away the blues

speaker Tom Wolf

              currently a facilitator & musician on Drum Café’s Toronto team

Feb 2016

Wed Feb 24th

meeting cancelled due to weather advisory


Jan 2016

celebrating our 5th anniversary!

topic       bipolar disorder - one person's journey throuogh depression,                      mania and stability

speaker  Stephanie K , equilibrium-georgetown core team member


Nov 2015

topic          becoming resilient

                  building the capacity to face, overcome, be strengthened by,                              & even transformed by experiences of adversity

speaker     Dr. Eran Talitman, Psychologist, Clinical Team Leader

                  The Southdown Institute

Oct 2015

topic           better sleep, better YOU, part 2

                   CBT-1, cognitive behaviour therapy for insomnia; practical                                  applications

speaker       Jessica Palmer, Psychological Associate

                     Halton Centre for Cognitive Therapy & Stress Reduction

Sept 2015

topic           T.E.A.C.H. and the expanding role of, and for, peer support

                   (Teach, Empower, Advocate for Community Health)

speaker       Lynn Gallagher, Program Supervisor with TEACH


July & August 2015    no meeting

June 2015

group walk to Willow Park Ecology Centre

restore balance & help reduce stress


Apr 2015

topic          Suicide: Let's Talk About It!

speakers   Trish Green - from a personal perspective

                  Dr Karl O'Sullivan - from a psychiatrist's perspective

                  Psychiatrist, Difficult to Serve Mood Disorder Clinic
                  Halton Healthcare Services

Mar 2015

topic         better sleep, better YOU

                 CBT-1, cognitive behavior therapy for insomnia

speaker    Jessica Palmer - Psychological Associate

                 Halton Centre for Cognitive Therapy & Stress Reduction

Feb 2015

topic           yoga technigues
speaker      Sheri Bain, teacher - Halton School Board & lead - Light Yoga


Jan 2015

topic           TAMI - talking about mental illness

                   help reduce the stigma of addictions & mental health
                   for youth & educators

speakers    Stewart Phillips & Al Duncan - TAMI advocates

                   Melanie McGregor - CMHA, communications 


Nov 2014

topic          creating meaningful work experiences leading to employment                     planning opportunities

speakers    Maria Okroukh, vocational support worker, STRIDE
Jan McCabe, North Halton manager, STRIDE

Oct  2014

topic          the mother-daughter equation - a bipolar disorder experience

speaker     Julie Lough - member equilibrium-georgetown


Sept 2014

topic         cognitive behavior therapy tools

speaker    Dr Susan Williams - Psychologist & Director

                 Halton Centre for Cognitive Therapy

Jun 2014

topic        'that’s just crazy talk'

speaker    video presentation by Victoria Maxwell

May 2014

topic        Elaine will cover the impact of her role at the hospital and with her
multi-disciplinary colleagues, and touch on the impact of her position
                on families and the individuals they are supporting.


speaker   Elaine Paton, Family Navigator, Mental Health and Addictions,

                Grand River Hospital, Kitchener
                Elaine’s adult son, in recovery with Schizophrenia  

Apr 2014

topic          what's new at T.E.A.C.H.  

                 Teach, Empower, Advocate for Community Health

speakers   Debbie Jones, Recovery & Volunteer Coordinator
                  Sushila Pereira, T.E.A.C.H. volunteer

Mar 2014

topic         feeling balance & a sense of calm through the use of yoga

speaker   Sheri Bain, teacher - Halton School Board & lead - Light Yoga


Feb 2014

topic    confessions of a depressed comic

            video pesentation by Kevin Breel

Jan 2014

topic         DSM* IV or DSM V - does it really matter in real life?

                *Diagnostic & Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders

 speaker    Dr. Tatjana Muhamedagic, RCPSC Specialist,

                 Child & Adolescent Psychiatry

2011           2012            2013